Robert Wilkos Discusses Stocks to Buy for the New Year

With a new year, comes new investment opportunities, as noted by Robert Wilkos and John LoPinto. So as a person decides on stocks, it’s important to know which ones are projected to be most profitable during this upcoming year.

Johnson & Johnson

When it’s a medical company that’s always researching new ways to treat and manage the disease, it’s a safe bet that investing in that company could pay off at some point. Johnson & Johnson has been a front runner since the vaccine race began. And with the need for boosters and some people still on the fence about vaccination, this stock will potentially increase in value over the upcoming year. Plus, it has other products being sold and research being conducted with other medical advancements. 

PayPal Holdings, LLC

PayPal is a platform that offers a safe way for people to transfer money to one another for business or personal reasons. They charge a fee per transaction that varies based on the amount. While it’s been a staple for many business owners throughout the years, it’s seen tremendous growth during the start of the pandemic, reports both Robert Wilkos and John LoPinto. With people continuing to work from home and the possibility of it happening again in the future, PayPal could be a safe investment this year.


Chewy offers pet owners the convenience of having their pets’ supplies and toys delivered right to their door. Consumers can even set up an auto-order option for food, litter, and other items. With the pandemic and people just wanting convenience, Chewy has seen quite a bit of growth, as witnessed by John LoPinto and Robert Wilkos, moreover, it has the potential to continue to grow this year.


Both John LoPinto and Robert Wilkos foresee Latch as an investment opportunity for newcomers and seasoned investors alike. This company focuses on smart lock technology. They sell hardware and software. Some of their current products include door-mounted controls and cameras. They also make intercom systems. With safety a top priority for both business owners and homeowners, Latch could potentially grow immensely over time, especially as they introduce new technology.


DraftKings could be a hot stock for the upcoming year. The company offers sports betting and fantasy football. Based on the current growth Robert Wilkos and John LoPinto have seen with this stock, it has great potential. As a bit of an insider tip, the company is investing in growing its business. Currently, the prices are low, which is a perfect time for investors to grab some. These stocks are some of the ones you can reap a reward from if you invest now for the new year. Robert Wilkos and John LoPinto both see these as opportunities for investors.

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