The Income Tax Department Issues the Tax

The Income Tax Department has been a leader in promoting good governance for several years now. The department interacts with a large segment of the population on a yearly basis, and it has played an integral role in improving citizen satisfaction levels of the government. Sevottam, a model for good governance, is being implemented by the Income Tax Department. The department also periodically publishes a Citizen Charter, which describes the standards of service that it offers to taxpayers.

In addition to collecting additional revenue for the State and the Federal government, the Department of Taxation and Finance also assists the state in fraud detection and transparency. The leadership team of the tax department works closely with the executive branch and governor to create a positive public experience for its employees. There are many career opportunities within the department for individuals who are passionate about public service and are interested in personal growth. In addition to the above-mentioned services, the Department of Taxation and Finance offers information on current bid opportunities, guidelines for submitting bids, and disclosure requirements.

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